Tax reporting 2019

Steuerreport 2019 live

Early Birds, watch out! From now on it is possible to create tax reports for the tax year 2019! You can determine the current tax burden and carry out tax planning calculations.

If you want to know your current tax burden from crypto transactions and how it changes when you carry out transactions, you can simply calculate it with our tool.

The best is that we offer FREE Early Access to CryptoTax International, for which you can sign-up here.


In the meantime we have continuously developed the CryptoTax application further and offer extensive features:

  • Data import from over 20 exchanges and wallets and generic import for all other sources
  • Support for over 8,000 coins with conversion to 30+ fiat currencies
  • Separate calculation for each account
  • Automatic linking of deposits and withdrawals between different accounts
  • Tax consideration of Airdrops, ICOs, Hard Forks, OTC trading, Lending, Staking, Masternodes, Bounties, Swaps, Gifts and Margin Trading
  • Consideration of fees
  • Comprehensive set of reports with categorized summaries and transaction statements

We want to make your tax return process even easier and will continue to develop the CryptoTax app with full commitment to make it even better, faster and more user-friendly!

Thank you very much for your great support!

Your CryptoTax Team


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