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How do companies and households easily and quickly tax their profits from their trade in crypto currencies? The start-up company CryptoTax answers this question: CryptoTax helps its customers to declare those profits to the tax authorities that could not easily be declared in a tax return. For this purpose CryptoTax offers its customers a web application. This means that the customers of the start-up can use this software at any time and everywhere. This is an innovation, for example for the annual income tax return.

The start-up from Germany has its headquarters in Ingolstadt and a branch in Munich. The company operates under the name 21 Consulting GmbH – CryptoTax is a brand of this company and the name of the product, the web application for tax returns.

Tax Returns Simple And Fast

The foundation of the company in May 2017 was an answer to a problem that had not been solved until then: How can the trade with crypto currencies be explained to the tax authorities? This was a very big problem, especially for amateurs such as private investors. The web application of the start-up now solves this problem.

As a result, CryptoTax helps investors reduce the cost of filing a tax return by eliminating the need for a tax advisor to prepare a tax return, which is likely to be expensive, and gives them more time to trade crypto currencies. The web application guides investors step-by-step through the tax return with a user-friendly user interface.

Thus CryptoTax the web application reduces the risk of making mistakes in a tax return – many tax consultants have no experience with regard to crypto currencies and their tax evaluation. In short: Investors who use the web application of CryptoTax have more fun trading with crypto currencies.

CryptoTax Grows Sustainably

Today the founders Klaus Himmer, Vladimir Tosovic and Magnus Berchtold drive the start-up forward. Together with their (salaried and self-employed) employees on the one hand and their investors on the other, they continue to develop the company. Their goals are sustainable growth and market leadership. The Bavarian start-up uses its international network and cooperation with partners such as a Big 4 accounting firm to achieve these goals.

The 3 founders of Cryptotax


2019 Q4

Launch of the web application for the USA

2019 Q2

Launch of the B2B API solution

2019 Q1

Launch of the web application for Switzerland
Launch of the web application for the international users

2018 Q3

Second financing round: The company successfully acquires over 750 000 Euro.

The funding makes the growth of the company possible.

2018 Q2

Launch of the web application for German taxpayers

2018 Q1
First financing round: The company successfully acquires 100 000 euros. The money is invested in particular in the development of the web application.
2017 Q2

Foundation of 21 Consulting GmbH: The company behind the brand and the product CryptoTax.

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Management Team

Klaus Himmer

CEO and Co-Founder


Vladimir Tosovic

COO and Co-Founder


Magnus Berchtold

CFO and Co-Founder



CryptoTax Logo


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