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Start-up ends second financing round – Cryptotax

Press Release Cryptotax

Bavarian start-up successfully acquired over 620 000 Euro

Tax profits from trading in crypto currencies

The start-up company Cryptotax from Ingolstadt and Munich offers its customers a web application for preparing tax returns. The special: With the help of this web application, laypersons can easily create tax returns for their profits from trading in crypto currencies – this is a novelty. Now the company wants to continue growing after its second round of financing.

Ingolstadt, Munich, 04. December 2018

How can profits from trading in crypto currencies be presented in tax returns? Cryptotax offers the solution to this problem: The start-up company has developed
a web application with which anyone can prepare tax returns for their profits from trading in crypto currencies.

This idea not only appeals to the company’s customers, but also to its investors: the start-up has already acquired 100 000 euros in a first financing round at the beginning of this year. In a second financing round, the company has now received over 620 000 euros from its investors.

Cryptotax develops the future of the financial industry

“The investments are an opportunity for us to further develop our products so that we will continue to be the market leader in the future,” says Klaus Himmer, founder and managing director of 21 Consulting GmbH, the company behind the Cryptotax brand. He also sees an opportunity in crypto currencies and in the technology behind them, the blockchain: “The blockchain will lastingly change the way our economy functions. I am delighted that our company is part of these developments.”

The start-up will use the old and new investments to further develop its products, especially its web application, and to grow. For example, the company plans to hire new employees, for example for its branch in Munich.

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About Cryptotax and 21 Consulting GmbH

Cryptotax is a brand of 21 Consulting GmbH, a start-up with headquarters in Ingolstadt and a branch office in Munich. The company helps its customers to present profits from their trade with crypto currencies in tax returns to tax authorities – this is an innovation. It was founded in May 2017 by Klaus Himmer, Vladimir Tosovic and Magnus Berchtold. Now they are driving the growth of their company.

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Cryptotax is a brand of 21 Consulting GmbH.