CryptoTax usability & UI initiative – part I: web application

Our active CryptoTax users have probably already noticed the new design of our web application. ? We have been collecting feedback from our community for months and optimized the entire layout ⭐ as well as the workflow ? of our web app according to your wishes.

The old broad title bar has been replaced by a reduced, modern design. This is going to enhance the working space of the app. We also introduced new colors to the UI and features that are not needed every day, such as the language setting, have been combined in a user administration. ? The data and transaction page has been replaced by a clear dashboard ?️. This overview allows you to easily filter by the desired transaction types and edit, classify, comment or simply track your transactions. It’s also possible to select multiple transactions to perform bulk edits.



Existing features such as

  • the account view,
  • the various import options,
  • the quality checks like the identification of missing data and
  • the automatic detection of account transfers are of course kept.

You will find them integrated into the new, optimized workflow.

Please let us know, what do you think of our new design! As always, we welcome every suggestion for improvement. Let`s keep on enhancing CryptoTax together! ❤️

However, that’s not all❗We have placed the improvement ? of usability and design of our product and website on the very top of our priority list, so look forward to a continuous development over the next weeks. We will take you with us on every step of the CryptoTax usability & design initiative and keep you up to date! ?

Your CryptoTax Team


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