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Missing exchange rates

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The Cryptotax database contains thousands of assets and their daily exchange rates since inception. In addition, the certified Cryptotax software uses an advanced waterfall system to valuate the assets, so that a valuation is usually possible for each asset at any time.

However, there are cases where no exchange rate can be determined. For example, there is no exchange rates for a asset at a specific time. Nevertheless, it may happen that such assets are sent and therefore a valuation is necessary. Especially if there is no trade, so that the value can be calculated from the exchanged asset, there will be a lack of exchange rates.


Since from a tax point of view a consistent valuation of the assets is necessary for the calculation of the tax base, no tax report can be created as long as there are no missing exchange rates.

In this case, the assets and times at which no exchange rate could be determined are displayed. Please enter an exchange rate in for each case to solve the problems.

Note: Problems are often caused by the classification of deposits. Therefore it is recommended to classify the deposits before processing the missing exchange rates. Here you can find out how to do this.

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