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Generic Import: Add Single Transaction – Manual Entry in User Interface

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If you want to add transactions manually, you can do this by clicking the “Add Trade” button in the Trades tab.


In the following, we will explain the individual selections, and explain how the transactions are added manually.

The picture shows the information that needs to be filled in:




  • Select the exchange where the transaction took place.
  • If a coin was transferred from one exchange to another (withdrawal), a second transaction (deposit) must be added manually.
  • If your exchange is not listed, you can select “generic”. You can enter a name in the text field below.

New Account?

  • Select either an existing account or create a new one by checking the box. In the input field you can enter a name for the new account.


  • Enter the date on which the transaction took place.


  • Choose between
    • Trade,
    • Deposit,
    • Withdrawal.

Buy amount:

  • Enter the amount in units of the crypto currency you bought.

Buy asset:

  • Select the coin you bought.

Sell amount:

  • Enter the amount in units of the crypto currency you have sold.

Sell asset:

  • Select the coin you sold.

Fee amount:

  • Enter the amount in the unit of the crypto currency you paid a fee with.

Fee asset:

  • Select the coin with which you paid the fee.

Once you have entered all the data, you can click the “Add” button. Your transaction has now been added manually.

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