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Editing the CSV or Excel import file

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If you want to edit the import files XLS/CSV, please note that some applications change the format of the files so that the file cannot be imported anymore.

XLS file

It is recommended to edit the file with Microsoft Excel. The following applications have been tested by us and can also be used:

Windows: Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice (please save in MS Excel format “xlsx”)

Mac OS: Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice (please save in MS Excel format “xlsx”)

Linux: LibreOffice (please save in MS Excel format “xlsx”)

CSV file

We recommend that you do NOT edit the files with Excel, as Excel can change the CSV formatting when saving.

The most suitable text editors are the simple text editors, which retain the original formatting.

Windows: Notepad++ or Notepad

Mac OS: TextEdit

Linux: Nano or any text editor you like

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