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Add data to existing accounts

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You have already created an account and want to add more data to it, because you have made more trades since the last import or the exchange / wallet provider limits the export to a certain period and you therefore have to split your historical data into several files? No problem, here you can find out how.

Often accounts need additional data to be added. This can have different reasons.
For example:

  • some exchanges / wallets offer only limited export periods and force the user to import multiple CSV / XLS files
  • further trades are created over time, which must be added to the account
  • you have forgotten a part of the trading history and want to import it afterwards

Adding account data later has the advantage that all your classifications you have already made for this account will be retained and do not have to be made again unlike a new import.

There are three ways to add more data to existing accounts:

  1.  The created accounts are displayed in the data area. There is a function to add further data for each account.mceclip1.png
  2. You select the corresponding import source in the data import area and enter the account name to which the data is supposed to be added.mceclip2.png
  3.  You use the manual import and specify in the columns “Exchange” and “Account” the respective combination of the account to which you want to add data.mceclip3 4

Note to 1 and 2: If the import source provides multiple files for uploading (e.g. separate files for deposits, withdrawals and trades) and you only want to add one of these transaction types, please upload empty CSV / XLS files for the other transaction types.

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