Tax reporting 2019 and new pricing

Tax reporting 2019 and new pricing

Early Birds, watch out! From now on it is possible to create tax reports for the tax year 2019! You can determine the current tax burden and carry out tax planning calculations.

If you want to know your current tax burden from crypto transactions and how it changes when you carry out transactions, you can simply calculate it with our tool.

For example, you would like to participate in a Binance IEO, but don’t know whether the sale of your BNBs is already outside the one-year period? Then simply create the corresponding transaction and check the tax effects in the report.

As every year we reward our Early Adopters with the Early Bird discount of 25% on all tax reporting products for 2019 !

New pricing model

We have also decided, after long consideration, to leave our single pricing model and introduce differentiated pricing.

FREE – up to a total of 50 transactions
It is now possible to create tax reports free of charge if the total number of transactions does not exceed 50. So those who have few trades and mainly HODL can use our tool for free. They can, for example, evaluate whether they are below the exemption limit and, if required, generate a complete tax report.

PRO – up to 10,000 transactions per tax year
Most of our users fall into this category. Here the price is EUR 199,99 per tax year (incl. 19% VAT) and corresponds to our previous pricing.

UNLIMITED – nomen est omen
Users who have more than 10.000 transactions in a tax year need a UNLIMITED license. The price for the UNLIMITED license is EUR 599,99 per tax year (incl. 19% VAT).

With the new pricing system, we want to ensure that we can continue to offer all users the best service at a fair price. Average users will not be impacted by the resources needed by the intensive users and the latter receive the computing and support required for their purposes.

Upgrade for existing customers
Customers who have previously purchased a license will automatically receive an upgrade to UNLIMITED. Thus, even with the “old” licenses, you can create unlimited tax reports.

In the meantime we have continuously developed the CryptoTax application further and offer extensive features which are included in all price categories FREE, PRO and UNLIMITED:

  • Data import from over 20 exchanges and wallets and generic import for all other sources
  • Support for over 8,000 coins with legally compliant conversion to EUR
  • Separate calculation for each account to realize the maximum savings potential
  • Automatic linking of deposits and withdrawals between different accounts
  • Tax consideration of Airdrops, ICOs, Hard Forks, OTC trading, Lending, Staking, Masternodes, Bounties, Swaps, Gifts and Margin Trading
  • Tax consideration of fees
  • Tax logic certified by a Big 4 accounting firm
  • Preparation of all tax-relevant documents in accordance with German tax law

We want to make your tax return process even easier and will continue to develop the CryptoTax app with full commitment to make it even better, faster and more user-friendly!

Thank you very much for your great support!

Your CryptoTax Team