Tax consulting for crypto assets

At CryptoTax we really want to take care of all of your crypto related tax and accounting issues.

  • Do you have trades on a closed exchange?
  • Are you dealing with a significant wealth in crypto?
  • Do you need optimization techniques to lower your tax liability?

If you are interested in an individual consultancy please provide the information below and we will hand select the expert which fits your needs best. Our partners from top-class lawyers, auditors and tax consultants will contact you directly afterwards.

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1. Please describe the topics you need assistance with. You do not have to limit your inquiry to only crypto-related topics. Our partners can offer a universal consultancy
service if required.

2. At which place you want to get your consultancy? The CryptoTax partner network currently covers Frankfurt, München, Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Potsdam and Zug.

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